Bowling Night

Tonight was the first night of our company sponsored bowling league. And guess what?! I was the highest scoring bowler! 160 was my average. This confirms my long-held belief that I’m a well of untapped athletic brilliance just waiting to be discovered.

All I Got

I spent a wonderful afternoon in San Diego with Liz and Jo … and the only photo I have from the day is the side of my face. Brilliant.

All Oscars Eve

Every year my friend and co-worker throws an Oscar party the night before the Academy Awards. It’s a party, but also a very in-depth and competitive trivia bowl. This year, the party was black and white formal in honor of Black Swan. Jo and I had an excellent time. We both lost miserably at the trivia bowl, but I can tell you (since I’m posting this late) that I did tie for first in the Oscar pool and made a quick $175. Woot!


Went to the company store and sent Jo these options via SMS. Jo picked the blue one and then we bought a better one from Starbucks on Saturday. Visitors be forewarned. This is your temp travel mug.


OCD or organized? Let’s ask Ryan and the laundry basket.

Slime for Dinner

The plate said to the pan “Is that green slime a reflection or just the result of Ryan’s cooking?”

Neither the pan nor Ryan was amused.


I attended my very first Lakers game … in style. I sat in a VIP box with a bartender and tons of free food.

Jo in the Dark

Things have been crazy busy! So much to share, to fill in some of these blanks, these less creative photo days.

For now, I give you, Jo in the Dark.

Disneyland is Drippy

A day at Disneyland … in the rain. Still, we had a great time. Even ate dinner at the Blue Bayou. Yum! The obligatory Space Mountain photo is below.

And hey! We booked the venue! It’s Castle Green!