Velvet Turtle

I must admit Velvet Turtle, you have me intrigued. What are you!? What moment of raving mad genius inspired you to take on such a brilliant name?!



Just be glad you’re not that rope (in that you might feel a slight pinch and get a little slobbery).


No Pic – Blame Harvey

Welp, Harvey kept us up all night Saturday night. He wasn’t too happy being kept in a make-shift cage in the other room. And when we finally caved and brought him in to our bed, he was so excited he couldn’t sleep. So, I’m hoping you’ll understand why I might have forgotten to take a photo on Sunday.

I think we’re going to need a little training before training our little puppy. That’s the next step. Oh, and it’s Harvey’s 2 month birthday! Yay! Dog bones and scratches-behind-the-ear for everyone!


Welp, Coffee Bean is out of the running, sadly. He’s only able to go to a home with other dogs. Now, it’s scruffy little Stuart’s turn. Fingers crossed!

BTW, we will be renaming the little guy once we get him/her. And for those interested, we’re looking at shih tzu puppies.