Cave of Forgotten Dreams

Tonight was movie night at the Arclight in Hollywood. Saw a double feature. First “Limitless” and then “Cave of Forgotten Dreams.” The second is a documentary about a cave in France that contains paintings around 35,000 years old. And because the cave has been mostly sealed since that time, the paintings are in near perfect condition. The environment was so perfectly preserved that you could even see the black streaks left behind by the cavemen’s torches. Pretty amazing.

But the highlight had to be when the director, Werner Herzog, just happened to pop by to introduce his own film. An icon of filmmaking standing just a few feet away. Needless to say, I was a little star struck.



Harvey’s Drugs

Harvey has kennel cough which apparently doesn’t require a dog to have ever been in a kennel. And so now the poor guy must be subjected to some hard core drugs. Hang in there buddy!



Is it a portal to another world, a window in my private submarine? Nope, it’s work! And that’s a window looking out at Walt Disney Studios.



New and Improved

It’s a complete re-design. I know, this has happened a hundred times, but maybe I’ll stick with this one for a while (since I paid for it).


Every night, this little app is going to ask me if I took a photo. Hopefully this’ll cut down on those missed posts.

Oh and I hear this might be integrated into the new iPhone OS. Exciting.



Dad gave me this awesome little tool and believe it or not, I use it all the time. Some day I’m going to build an entire house with just it and two rolls of duct tape.



Kids stowed away as the adults hide the eggs for the Easter Egg Hunt. See all those eggs just sitting in the grass? That’s Jo’s idea of “hiding.”


Basmati Rice

We had Indian food tonight.

Jo says she loves me more than all the rice in India. I say I love her more than all the potholes in LA. Clearly, I win.