Giant Gap

Well folks, I had a ton of new photos to post. One for every day up to and including today. But, my iPhone had to be restored and all the photos were lost. DEVASTATING sadness. As a result, a week and a half of photos are gone forever. I guess you’ll just have to ask me to describe those days to you in absurd detail. I’d be happy to. But as a teaser … large portions of it involved work and diet coke and, unexpectedly, several episodes of The Bachelorette. Intrigued?

Napa Part 2

This actually all happened in the same day. But since I forgot to take a picture on Sunday, I figured I’d just split the pics up. We went to 2 places on Saturday. The first was Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars and the second was a champagne and wine cellar called Domaine Carneros. After a great deal of wine tasting they asked us if we wanted to become members. How strategic! Being in not the most focused state of mind, I joined. So, if anyone wants to go up for a member’s only tasting, let us know!

Napa Part 1

I was skeptical about wine tasting in Napa. It sounded pretty boring and snobby to me. But, after today, my mind has changed completely. It was a blast! Touring the vineyards was fun and really interesting. And the wine was excellent. Jo’s friend Vicki’s put an amazing wine tour together for us. I couldn’t have asked for a better first trip to Napa.

Napa Inn B&B

Night one of my first trip to Napa. Since Jo had never stayed at a bed and breakfast before, we thought we’d give one a try. We were pleasantly surprised. The place was incredibly comfortable and the staff were so nice. My favorite part had to be breakfast. Mmmm, cheesy potatoes.

The Good Stuff

The bottle was less fancy, but I’ve been good friends with this stuff since childhood. That and Triamedic. The yellow stuff. Blech!


Big Things from Costco

As part of my in-depth coverage of Jo’s curious Costco purchases, I give you this massive bottle of mouthwash (see penny for size comparison). I have asked that in the future our toiletries correspond with the size of our human-size bathroom.



Hey, Venice, thanks for this helpful sign. My first instinct during a tsunami would have been to run towards the beach.


Disneyland with Paige

Paige and I devoured Disneyland … pretzels, cotton candy, ice cream bars, bread bowls, corn dogs, chips, chocolate covered strawberries, shish kabobs, pineapple ice cream and a teensy bit of diet coke. Oh and we went on some rides too. I had an awesome time!

Also, I have no explanation for my facial expression in a couple of those photos.