Hawaii Day 8

And finally, a quick trip to Pearl Harbor before heading off to the airport to fly home. A wonderful vacation, but it’ll be good to see Harvey.

Hawaii Day 6

Jo and I went for an amazing dinner at Alan Wong’s in Honolulu. Chef’s tasting menu. Delicious.

Hawaii Day 5

Today it was the Polynesian Cultural Center. Surprisingly, there are no roller coasters. But there are folks who juggle fire … which is excellent.

Hawaii Day 4

Wedding Day! Alex and Jojo had a beautiful wedding by the ocean. The bride looked gorgeous … and so did Jo. We had a wonderful time. I also gave folks a sneak peak of my epic dance moves … to be continued in December.

Hawaii Day 3

We had a tiny break in the morning to go searching for turtles. No luck. Then, we swung by Matsumoto’s Shaved Ice for … well … After that, it was time for the rehearsal dinner/4th of July BBQ.

Hawaii Day 2

Jo has a plan .. and we’re stickin’ to it. First, Manoa Falls and a hike. The family has been warned. We leave at 7am sharp for the hike … family responds, “How about 9am?” Done. Then, a famous Hawaiian dish which strikes me as very un-Hawaiian. Loco Moco. Looks gross, tastes delicious. We wrap up the day at the Dole Pineapple Plantation. Heavy on the plantation. We don’t see too much pineapple. Instead, disturbingly hungry fish and a maze which Jo is determined to master (see video). It was the worlds largest maze in 2008. What happened Dole? Who dropped the ball?!?

Hawaii Day 1

It’s early morning … way too early. 5am. Jo’s a little loopy, but the bare essentials are prepped and ready to go.