Jo’s Actual Birthday

It’s Jo’s ACTUAL birthday which we spent together at the neighborhood bar playing trivia and eating Chinese food. It was fun. We even managed to come in third place! It may have had something to do with half the teams leaving, but we’ll still take the win!


Golden Birthday

Today we celebrated Jo’s golden birthday with her friends. It was a potluck and a very successful one. I made cornbread madness. Jo made this beautiful cake and delicious chili.



Sorry. This spot is taken. Please proceed to the cage in the bathroom. And don’t pee on the floor or chew the door. It tastes like Tapatio. Good night.


Harvey is Andy Dufresne

In a slightly less inconspicuous manner than Andy in The Shawshank Redemption, Harvey initiates his own, long-term escape plan. Needless to say, the jailers discovered the attempt. And now, instead of the taste of wood, he’ll be forced to endure wood drenched in Tapatio.