Seriously people, this is some delicious candy. It’s no Twizzlers, but still tasty.


A New Prison

After eating a door, a cabinet and a wall, Harvey has been gifted a new prison that he’s welcome to devour. His reaction? He ate his bed.



It’s official. We have a cake. Dad came along for the tasting and we all agreed that Hansen’s had the best white cake we’d ever tasted. I think Dad and I ate 90% of the cake. The Osika sweet-tooth is unstoppable. Here’s a pic from their website. We’ll have something like this with white chocolate shavings on top. And some gluten free cupcakes for Neill and Mudge.


Game Day

Today, we saw USC beat Syracuse. I accidentally bought us tickets in the away section. So we spent some time in enemy territory, listening to the same Syracuse rant over and over. Got a little quieter after we scored a couple of touchdowns. It was a great day, so great I forgot to take a pic. So instead, another from Disneyland.


Dad in Town

Dad was in town for the weekend. Tonight was Disneyland or, more importantly, the corndog cart at Disneyland. If I’m remembering right, it’s been 10 years since I’ve been at a Disney park with Dad. It was wonderful!