President’s Cup Champs

A huge congrats to Paige and her team on winning The President’s Cup in Illinois! Just awesome! Now it’s on to the National Championships in Sacramento. Time to plan a trip to Northern Cal!


The Halloween Tree

In 2007, this tree was dedicated to Ray Bradbury and his story “The Halloween Tree.” it makes an appearance every year in Frontierland at Disneyland around the holiday.




USC vs Stanford

Oh how close we were to an upset! We could have had our revenge after their 2007 upset. Still, SC looked great. Nice to see them play so well, even under sanctions.


Sugar Fish

Had a delicious sushi dinner with Jo and her friend Kitty. The blue crab cut rolls are TASTY!


Harvey Has a Limp

Welp, the little man sprained his ankle. A quick trip to the emergency vet and he’s got himself a week of drugs and mandatory rest.