Goodbye and Shots

Harvey says farewell until New Years Day! And then shots at the rehearsal dinner. How incredible it was to have all our families here for one night. It was perfect!



Florist Recall

We fired our florist. It was getting frighteningly close to the wedding and we hadn’t figured out the arrangements. After a 45 minute meeting with our new florist, the wedding was planned down to the minute details. An we were able to relax.


Disneyland Holiday Party

A truly wonderful night at the Disneyland Holiday Party. Jo surprised me by buying us the bride and groom Mickey hats. We then walked the park. Ate good food. And took some pics with the mice. It was a blast! By the way, Mickey made me propose for the photo with him.





Wind Storm

There was quite a wind-storm a couple of weeks ago and Pasadena (home of our wedding venue) got it pretty bad. Here’s the fence at Castle Green.