Wyatt Skis!!

Ski School @ Eagle Lodge… No one said it was easy!!

(Note – Wyatt is in the green jacket just getting on the ”big kid” magic carpet) in the pic. And on the left in the video… watch till the end and sorry the video is bad! Emmett would not stay put!

Mammoth Sleep Report

Sleeping with a toddler is …

– sleeping with a wack a mole but instead they pop up crying and you need to hush them back to sleep

– sleeping with a meerkat when said pop up happens and they start looking around with the “she better have not left me” look

– sleeping on the edge of a cliff. Cause that’s all the space you’re gonna get

– sleeping with feet in/on your face

– hearing sounds of random laughter followed by whines

– watching while your kid sleeps, thinking if I go to sleep now I’ll get X hours… no X minutes of sleep

But they are pretty darn cute ???